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In the early hours of Saturday morning it appears that most (if not all) of the songs from Lady Gaga’s upcoming Album ARTPOP have been leaked online. Although most of the leaks appear to be bad quality it does prompt some sympathy for Gaga. A similar thing happened with Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album and Del Rey actually said that she was ‘discouraged’ by the news that several of her songs had been leaked online (not good news for us Lana fans out there!). Leaked music, although great for overly-eager fans, is detrimental to the overall effect of the final album. It not only ensures the respective artist loses out financially, but also the great and enthusiastic hype surrounding an album and within a fanbase in the run up to the release of an album is replaced with confusion and disappointment. Its unfair that the creative force behind an album (the artist) is unable to control when and where and in what form the art they have created is to be unveiled to their fans. Because of this, let us hope that the leaks will stop in future. 

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So the full release of Gaga’s most recent work ARTPOP is on the horizon (FINALLY!). Firstly, in terms of it’s leading single Applause, although the song is catchy and contains a brilliant infusion of sounds, Gaga played it safe with this song. Yes it was Gaga and yes it is a strong song but I feel  Gaga could have chosen a much edgier song or a song that pushed the boundaries more, something she is known to do of course! I also wholly believe that Katy Perry’s release of Roar at the very same time was completely strategic and planned so as to divert attention off of Gaga (I’ve got to give you that one Katy) and although Gaga insisted it was not a competition it undoubtedly was. With Roar and Applause fighting it for the top spot on all kinds of music charts it’s hardly surprising Roar was so popular given it’s catchy but fairly generic tune. However, I am happy that Katy released Roar at the same time, finally two truly talented artists returned to show younger challengers such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez how it’s done.

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Book : Lady gaga – Terry Richardson
I recently bought this book on sale and I personally believe it to be a fantastic edition to any fan’s collection of memorabilia or even to the collection of any aspiring photographers or fans of iconic photographer Terry Richardson’s work. The photos are intimate and sometimes personal, demonstrating Gaga’s love for high fashion and wacky garments and also her love for music and her family and friends. The book has little to know actual writing in it, but a picture says a thousand words. Stuffed with brilliant photos and snapshots this book is a perfect piece to add to any Little Monster’s collection.