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Age – 27 (Mary-Kate younger by 2 minutes than Ashley)

Net Worth – $300 Million

So I’ve never really known much about the Olsen twins, other than they were obviously the child stars of Full House turned fashion designers and I only really took an interest in them after I saw a photo of Ashley with Justin Bartha (The New Normal and The Hangover star) while looking up The New Normal. A program I enjoyed watching while it was on and am sad it’s finished. These two are just so beautiful (even if Mary-kate does look occasionally gaunt due to an eating disorder) they dress so well. Like hobos but in a cool way.


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Net Worth: $15 Million (as of 2014)

I came across an interview on Youtube a few days ago (Link Below) of the famous and talented child actor, Macaulay Culkin on Larry King from 2004. King leads an interesting and very insightful interview in which the viewer learns a lot about Culkin’s personal life and career since it took off after his first major blockbuster role as Kevin McCallister in the 1990 film Home Alone.

At the pinnacle of Culkin’s child acting career he was regarded as the ‘most successful child actor since Shirley Temple’.

Culkin, now in his thirties, gives perceptive and thoughtful answers and speaks on his experience as a child actor and how it has affected him since. After watching the interview I began to wonder what happened to Culkin.

I did some research and found out that Kitt Culkin (Macaulay’s father) was an over-bearing and pushy ‘stage-father’. From what I’ve read, it seems Kitt forced his children into acting and was the principle driving force behind their careers. Culkin eventually sued his parents for his own fortune (supposedly over $30 million at the time) and it seems that Macaulay’s parents battled for custody over him and his siblings and by extension, control of Macaulay’s fortune.

When his parents separated his mother’s legal fees were driving the family into near poverty and so Macaulay took both his parents to court to gain control of his own finances when he was just 14. He won the legal battle and was able to pay off his mother’s legal debts.

Unfortunately in recent years, stories of Culkin’s drug habits circulated and there were even false stories claiming he had died of an overdose. As I wrote before in a post on Lindsay Lohan, is this ‘fall from grace’ that occurs all too often in young Hollywood stars caused by their freedom both in terms of the doors that international fame can open for them and the vast wealth available to them. Are they not emotionally responsible to handle their money and fame? Or are they acting out because they didn’t have the chance to when they were younger? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Or tweet me at @PopCultureO

(the interview is split into 6 parts this link will take you to the first)


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Age – 27

Net worth – $500 thousand

Why do we obsess over Lindsay Lohan so much? Why do we humans have an obsession with fame? She hasn’t really done any seriously successful acting work for years now (even though she’s ‘rebooting’ her career right now by starring in the likes of Scary Movie 5, not the best way to rejuvenate your career lilo I must say) we still seem to be lapping up any details about her life. Oprah Winfrey was even willing to pay her $2 million for the chance to interview her after her most recent court-ordered stint in rehab. Do you think we enjoy witnessing a star’s fall from grace or would be half as interested if she hadn’t been arrested for drink driving, drugs etc and was simply still the innocent and talented young actress she used to be? Does Lohan make drugs, drinking, going against the tide and generally not giving a sh*t cool? It’s sad that talented young actors so often travel down the wrong path, is this because of money? fame? pressure? lack of a childhood? Who knows, a mixture of all most likely. But a friend of mine made an interesting comment when she said that ‘a lot of these child stars go bad because if they don’t, they’ll have the cheesy, Disney child star image for the rest of their life if they don’t’.

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So I just watched a rerun of this show, I did watch it while it was originally on but I thought I’d write a post because I thought it was hilarious, I’m not usually a fan of that kind of Punk’d style of TV show  because I don’t like practical jokes that much. But I have to say that I genuinely laughed at Ryan Sampson’s character Shussi, his ridiculously over-dramatic and insane behavior had me in stitches.

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I have to say I loved it. I love Charlize Theron, she did a fantastic job as the evil Queen. I like that they gave her a past, a reason to be so evil. And well….Kristen Stewart sort of acts in it, I guess we can’t expect much more from her can we?

The idea of taking an old fairy tale and making it darker and giving it a harsher appearance is something that I have always liked. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland is a good example of this. I think the Brothers Grimm’s stories were far more interesting than the Disney versions (although I do love them too) and I hope the darkening of fair tales continues in the future. If the new Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and Maleficent (a new version of Sleeping Beauty told from the villains point of view starring Angelina Jolie as Malificent) are anything to go by then the trend will continue.

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It was the best sitcom of all time. I’m not wholly sure why, I think it’s a mixture of characters and story lines you could relate to and characters that could just make you laugh, not like hysterically cackle but just laugh. Friends is a show that can instantly make me feel better if I’m in any kind of bad mood. I recently found a ‘Friends confessions blog’ on tumblr and it’s really interesting to see what others thought of the show. I’ve written a few myself, including such posts as how I didn’t like the lack of LGBT representation in the show and which episodes were my favorite and why.

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I came across this Eartha Kitt (the woman who voiced the villainous Yzma in The Emperors new Groove) Terry Wogan interview on Youtube (link below), it’s from the late 80′s. It’s incredible how terrible her childhood was. I had no idea how much she had overcome, she was a child conceived of rape and given away to a cruel family who used her as a slave by her own mother.

She has an incredible voice, both in terms of singing and just speaking, one of the reasons I love the character of Yzma so much was because of the charisma and hilarity she oozes. The interview is definitely worth watching if you are an Eartha Kitt fan so I thought I would just share it with you guys if you’re interested.

As a side note I should add that she passed away on Christmas 2008 (a coincidence in that she was the singer of Santa Baby, one of the most famous Christmas songs of all time).

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