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Last night I sat down with a family sized bag of Doritos, a pot of hummus and Disney’s newest musical animation, Frozen. Set in the secluded Norwegian city of Arendelle, the film depicts the story of 2 royal sisters, one of which has the magical ability to manipulate and create ice out of nothing.

After she accidentally traps the kingdom in an eternal harsh winter while fleeing to the mountains, her sister sets out to find her with the help of a token Disney side-kick, an enchanted animate snowman and a man named Kristoff who sells ice for a living.
Filled with actors of notoriety, including Kristen Bell, the ever talented Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad, my expectations were high.
The film has been highly praised by critics for its brilliant soundtrack and musical influence, especially its leading song ‘Let it go’ which seems to be a viewer favourite, Disney’s apt ability to inject Norwegian culture and influences through research of the Sami culture, its modern visuals, screenplay and voice acting.
Personally, I found the film to be entertaining and colourful. Additionally, I found it to have a very strong soundtrack, not only because of the popular ‘Let it Go’ song, but for others such as ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ which is a personal favourite of mine. The characters are also relatable and lovable, especially with the suggestion that the idea that Elsa (the one with the uncontrollable power) doesn’t have control over her power and feels isolated being linked to the mental disorder depression.
All in all I think this latest Disney movie is worth watching, even if you are not a fan of animated films, although theme, screenplay, soundtrack, score, voice-acting and animation are all sound stand alone, they make for a very good movie when combined.

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