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So the full release of Gaga’s most recent work ARTPOP is on the horizon (FINALLY!). Firstly, in terms of it’s leading single Applause, although the song is catchy and contains a brilliant infusion of sounds, Gaga played it safe with this song. Yes it was Gaga and yes it is a strong song but I feel ¬†Gaga could have chosen a much edgier song or a song that pushed the boundaries more, something she is known to do of course! I also wholly believe that Katy Perry’s release of Roar at the very same time was completely strategic and planned so as to divert attention off of Gaga (I’ve got to give you that one Katy) and although Gaga insisted it was not a competition it undoubtedly was. With Roar and Applause fighting it for the top spot on all kinds of music charts it’s hardly surprising Roar was so popular given it’s catchy but fairly generic tune. However, I am happy that Katy released Roar at the same time, finally two truly talented artists returned to show younger challengers such as Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez how it’s done.