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Well where to start! Firstly, even though before I pressed play on itv player a post came up saying the episode would contain violent scenes I was not expecting what the scenes actually contained. Now this may contain spoilers to any who haven’t watched the episode yet but as an Opera singer sang to an array of guests and to all the servants upstairs, downstairs, the arrogant and eerie valet of a guest of the house  went all kinds of cuckoo after lady’s maid, Anna, resisted his sexual advances. He hit her in the face and then proceeded to rape her (or so it is heavily implied judging by all the screaming and disturbing cuts away). I have to commend the writers for this brilliant story-line and I must commend Joanne Froggatt brilliant acting in these disturbing scenes. In the past Downton has been criticized for being too pretentious and I have to say that this powerful and disturbing scene had me completely on the edge of my seat and my heart in my throat, something that has never happened to me before while watching the program. I’m hoping the writers will develop this story-line and will put some focus and attention on how rape cases were treated in the 1920s and will not just use it as a plot device to wedge between Froggatt and her on-screen husband Mr Bates.

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