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Ok so I’ve been completely obsessed with the BBC’s new series The White Queen. I can’t get enough of it, it’s the new GoT. Although, I believe the BBC have bitten off more than they can chew trying to condense 3 novels (The White Queen, The Red Queen, The Kingmaker’s daughter) into a 10 episode series, leaving little room for humor and lightheartedness. But any flaws the series has are made up for in the fantastic and moving portrayal of Margaret Beaufort (the historically icy matriarch of the Tudor Dynasty) by brilliant and beautiful actress Amanda Hale. She did an amazing job taking a character who, if some historians are to be believed, caused despicable and horrible things to place her son on the English throne, and made her into a very human and raw character who any audience is able to sympathize with and empathize with.

P.S. King Edward (played by Max Irons) is sexy as f*#@.