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Net Worth: $15 Million (as of 2014)

I came across an interview on Youtube a few days ago (Link Below) of the famous and talented child actor, Macaulay Culkin on Larry King from 2004. King leads an interesting and very insightful interview in which the viewer learns a lot about Culkin’s personal life and career since it took off after his first major blockbuster role as Kevin McCallister in the 1990 film Home Alone.

At the pinnacle of Culkin’s child acting career he was regarded as the ‘most successful child actor since Shirley Temple’.

Culkin, now in his thirties, gives perceptive and thoughtful answers and speaks on his experience as a child actor and how it has affected him since. After watching the interview I began to wonder what happened to Culkin.

I did some research and found out that Kitt Culkin (Macaulay’s father) was an over-bearing and pushy ‘stage-father’. From what I’ve read, it seems Kitt forced his children into acting and was the principle driving force behind their careers. Culkin eventually sued his parents for his own fortune (supposedly over $30 million at the time) and it seems that Macaulay’s parents battled for custody over him and his siblings and by extension, control of Macaulay’s fortune.

When his parents separated his mother’s legal fees were driving the family into near poverty and so Macaulay took both his parents to court to gain control of his own finances when he was just 14. He won the legal battle and was able to pay off his mother’s legal debts.

Unfortunately in recent years, stories of Culkin’s drug habits circulated and there were even false stories claiming he had died of an overdose. As I wrote before in a post on Lindsay Lohan, is this ‘fall from grace’ that occurs all too often in young Hollywood stars caused by their freedom both in terms of the doors that international fame can open for them and the vast wealth available to them. Are they not emotionally responsible to handle their money and fame? Or are they acting out because they didn’t have the chance to when they were younger? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Or tweet me at @PopCultureO

(the interview is split into 6 parts this link will take you to the first)