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Joan Rivers’ ‘Holocaust’ joke.

Recently I’ve been watching a lot of Fashion Police (genius show just to put it out there) and Joan Rivers just makes me die with every single joke and after youtubing the Holocaust joke scene I decided to do some digging. Turns out, Joan Rivers is herself Jewish and had many relatives die in the Holocaust. Joan, in my opinion, rightly defends herself in several interviews and says that she will not apologize for the comment. For several reasons. Firstly, those complaining most about the joke are less than half her age (it’s incredible to think that she’s 80 and is so sharp and quick in mind and tongue) and so didn’t experience it at all. She was at least alive during it and had relatives die from it, so these people have very little right to make these complaints. And secondly, she makes the very valid point that if you can laugh at something terrible that has happened, if you can make light of a bad situation, then you can learn to deal with it. All in all it was a joke, in poor taste maybe, but a joke none the less. Of course she didn’t mean anything vindictive by it and those complaining about it and demanding for an apology have little right to do so.